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Re: two off-topic goodies (for Ken Frank)

On Tue, 07 Nov 95 14:41:39   ,
holmgren@xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx wrote:
>I'm glad you picked up on VMODEM, because I intended that msg for you
>specifically. In a roundabout way, I wanted to communicate that I think
>your BBS is a much superior venue for discussion in all respects (*except*
>for accessibility and, I suppose, the facts that the List costs nothing,

 (snip, snip)

  Problem is, TTG hasn't gotten the BBS connected to the net, so
it's still a long-distance call, and last time I looked (awhile
ago, for sure) they still hadn't even figured out how to set up
the QWK mailer.

>DEBUGs, clogged Email directories (I can hardly find my "real"
>buried under the quotidian Xybaloney).

  Robert, it sounds like you need to get a good, threaded mail
reader, either offline or online. I would recommend the OS/2
version of Yarn for off-line, but even Pine (on most any unix or
vms account) will thread if you go into the setup --- then all
you have to do is delete whole threads at once. Much easier. And
I even have different mail lists going to different accounts for
some high volume lists which
I *never* read online, and filter heavily (like a kill file) with
Yarn after downloading -- all automagically, of course.

>In fact, the only virtues of
>the Internet are low user cost and high internationality.

  Well, I for one never call BBS's anymore, and probably never
will do so if I can absolutely help it. Most companies these days
who are in the computer business have a net address (and their
old BBS just windowed into that) and anything else I can find at
an ftp site with no problem. Sure, the Web is getting lamer all
the time, especially with all the adverts -- I mostly use lynx,
it's quicker and gets you to the same places, except for the
really dumb outfits that think everybody uses netscrape and don't
include any real text. But how a company sets up their webpage
(or if they even have one) tells you a lot about them, eh?
  In fact, I would have to think long and hard about buying any
computer related product from a company that doesn't have a net
address at the very least, especially for tech support. For one,
I really don't like sitting on hold for 30-60 minutes waiting for
 tech support, especially on my nickel, but for another, I just
have to assume that anyone in the computer industry who doesn't
have a net address is just too far behind times to be able to
produce a decent product.

-- Harmon Seaver hseaver@xxxxxxxx

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