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Re: two off-topic goodies (for Ken Frank)


I'm glad you picked up on VMODEM, because I intended that msg for
you specifically. In a roundabout way, I wanted to communicate
that I think your BBS is a much superior venue for discussion in
all respects (*except* for accessibility and, I suppose, the
facts that the List costs nothing, and that you need not engage
every caller, as you might on a proprietary facility -- you have
no requirement to be accountable or responsive).
OTOH, in the BBS you've got a flexible, extensible structure for
handling information, text and binary. You have all manner of
support files, a wide berth for user contributions, a capacity
(not much exploited by TTG) for disbursing upgrades and receiving
payments electronically, QWK packet mail, etc. The capacity of
your Wildcat software to attach binary files to msgs is
exceptional among BBSs, and I miss it. List subscribers wouldn't
have to deal with the arcana of MIME, XXdecoding, FTP servers,
DEBUGs, clogged Email directories (I can hardly find my "real"
mail, buried under the quotidian Xybaloney). In fact, the only
virtues of the Internet are low user cost and high
Otherwise, this List is a motel room, a temporary fix. Let's
pack up and go home.

P.S. Allow me to say also, that however foolish you think you
would have been to throw any marbles into the OS/2 arena, you
should realize that some of us are flatly unwilling to buy into
Microsoft's version of the future. That means that you're going
to lose us. When I fire up Win95 and it won't release focus
because I'm running a 16-bit app or doing a print job, its
obvious -- intensely familiar to me -- that I'm still running
Windows with a Win32 subsystem on top of DOS 7. It's just a
joke. The main reason this upgrade exists (as opposed to
developing NT, MS's real OS) is to brake OS/2's momentum. Very
disappointing. I'm trying to think of a reason to leave it on my
machine, but I can't.

Robert J. Holmgren holmgren@xxxxxxxx