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Re: DesqView and Warp

> > That's the difference; 8 MB apparently isn't enough for
speedy > multi-tasking. And I'm not about to spend even more
money on new memory;

  Don't know where you get this idea from -- most of the people
I know only have 8, and it works fine. How big did you set your
swap file?
> > I have a DX/2, 66 MHZ, 8 mb of memory. I tuned OS/2 pretty
carefully, > with some expert advice, and it made a
difference--but it's still not > nearly as fast as DesqView, in
my peculiar applications.
  Tuned it carefully? With a dying disk controller? And you are
complaining it was slow? And now you have a good controller and
are saying it's faster? James, James --- what can I say?


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