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Re: DesqView and XyWrite

On Tue, 20 Dec 1994, Harmon Seaver wrote:
> >  Obviously a big part of your problem was the defective disk controller
> card -- have you tried Warp with a fully functioning computer? Or did you
> just write it off as "slow" (boy, I can't imagine anything slowing things
> down more than a defective drive controller, unless it's a crummy video
> card), and now with your fixed computer running DV, you perceive it as faster?
> Nah, I ran it for 2 days with the new (and upgraded)
controller. I agree, I probably could have gotten things working
faster. But using it made me realize it was far more than I
needed; DV, with its single disk, does exactly what I want, with
little fuss. If I configured OS/2 to work the way I wanted, it
would probably end up looking like DV...no mouse, no pictures,

I realize my needs are atypical, as are my preferences. I'm a
verbal kind of guy; I like to use XyWrite in command mode, never
touch the menus, hate dialogue boxes. Icons are great for some
people because that's the way they see things and think; I
prefer words.