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I thought that I would tell you that I seem to have fixed my little problem
with the block text functions, etc. running under Desqview. I simpley
increased the size of my disk cache (I re-installed it after I had made certain
it wasn't the problem), and dropped the MX command. This seems to have worked
quite well. As far as the actual cause of the problem, I really can't tell
you, I really never was able to pin it down, it was too sparatic. All that I
can do is chalk it up to system weirdness and continue. At any rate, thanks
for all you help. By the looks of things on this board, you should have a
sword to fend off all the groans that I see around here. Some demanding that
the programme be made Windows compatable, etc. You have great patience, I
would have wormed the whole lot years ago. I bet you get good distress
benifits out of this. I, myself don't really use Windows if I can possibly
help it so I have no complaints.
  Well toodly-doo; Carter. P.S. When the hell are you guys going to
implement the screen reversal function you promised, I've been waiting years
for that!!!