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Re: Big font for Xy4 Win

 I also use XY in win95 and your problem has
never hit me - I use mail with File, Save as all
the time. The difference is I can't stand IE and
use only Netscape Communicator/Navigator. IE does
strange things as it appears you've found out
Dick Giering

Adriano Ortile wrote:
> Many times in this list appeared requests and suggestions on how to obtain
> big and well readable characters on Xy4 Win in Page/Line or Draft view.
> Here are what happens to me.
> I use Win95, not Win98 or Win2000, so I don't know if what I will say is
> applicable outside Win95.
> About one month ago I changed the computer I use on my home.
> I spent some days in setting it for my exigences, and finally I set the
> screen for 800x600 (instead of the original 640x480) and "big characters"
> (125%, 120 dpi). What happened since that day is that sometimes Xy4 Win
> uses (in page-line view) very nice fonts, large and well readable. But some
> times, not always. I tried to track when it should happen, to reproduce the
> situation. But until yesterday, no success at all, so I continued to pay
> the maximum attention to understand what is causing the phenomenon.
> Yesterday the solution, which follows.
> I have to open the Internet Mail (the mail utility built into Explorer) and
> "save as" one of the mail files. Better: it's not necessary to "really"
> save the file: choosing "File, Save as" and then exiting the menu is
> enough.
> After this has been done, Xy4 Win will change its default draft font. The
> result is immediately visible also on the command line.
> If Xy4 Win is active before to open Internet Mail, exiting Internet Mail
> (after having dummy-saved one file) is causing Xy4 Win to use another, and
> bigger, font, so big that it's not possible to see the complete characters
> on the command line and, in draft view or in a DIR window, the lines of
> text are under-spaced for this very big font so having the lines
> overlapping themselves. In this case, exiting and re-entering Xy is enough
> to solve the problem and gain the nice font.
> Today I did the same in my office. The screen has been set with the same
> parameters as above. The mail program, however, is Outlook Express. Well:
> the result has been exactly the same. Activate Outlook Express, save one
> mailed file, exit Outlook Express, activate Xy4 Win: big characters take
> the place of the small ones.
> I don't know why this happens, but I'm very happy it happens.
> Note. XyWin, if open before to do the operations of the above, must be in
> wysiwyg view, not in draft or page-line.
> I hope this can be useful for the people of the list.
> Ciao.
> Adriano Ortile
> ortile@xxxxxxxx