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Re: Stack question

Robert wrote:
I've been thinking about your desire to put "GT,LD" on
CursorDown (key 80 and also maybe key 102). I think I'm
going to dump that "alternative code" and simply insist that
users map multiple-function keystrokes to an @-type (or $-
type) Save/Get.
That's okay with me, does it mean that I shouldn't go ahead with the new
Xy4.dlg that you just posted?
But I want to point out, and perhaps you are already aware,
that putting multiple functions on Cursor keys screws up
certain things unrelated to Stack. The MeNus, for example
 I've been using GT,LD for many years without a problem. I rarely use
menus, and when I do, I haven't had a problem.
You could certainly keep an unadorned CD or LD on key 102,
and put GT,LD on key 80 -- it's a workaround. But... caveat
Yes, that's not a bad idea. I really use ctrl-v for cursor down (with
GT,LD) for most of my work. I like cursoring around by using ctrl-key
combos, a la WordStar, so I could easily put the unadorned CD or LD on 102.


Harry Binswanger