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Re: Need Printer Driver!

Bob, unfortunately we have not been able to develop drivers to match your
combination of software and hardware. We can recommend that you use the drivers
for the Hewlett-Packard III printer as an alternative. This driver supports a
variety of sizes for the internal Times and Universe fonts found in the 4L
printer. That driver is named 3LJ3-10U.PRN and can be found on this BBS under
Printer Files section.

The are several reasons why we do not have (and are not developing) drivers for
III Plus and the new Hewlett-Packard Laser printers. The foremost is a
technical problem. There are memory limitations to the size of III Plus
drivers, and with the number of fonts and the scalability factor... these
drivers would be much too large to load in the program. To change the program's
use of memory would be an extensive task.

Our upgrade product XyWrite 4 takes full advantage of this printer and can be
used in a very similar way to III Plus. If you would like a brochure and/or
literature on XyWrite 4 and XyWrite for Windows, please contact our Baltimore
office at 410-576-2040.