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v3-4 dual use gotcha

  >My xyDos 4 df 1A is set at 1 to neutralize such midfile eofs, and I'd
  >guess that this has something to do with the misbehavior. Beware! My
  >solution is a new kludge: add code to related .kbd entries and xpl
  >files that sets df 1A=0 during saves, df 1A=1 when opening a file.
  >Haven't tried using the fixes yet.


  That should do it! However, I wouldn't set 1a=0 permanently--doing so
creates some other problems, especially having to do with embedded
footnotes. And another thing: If you looked at your read.me file when you
did the 4 install, you might have thought it would be cool to set y3=1,
which blows away those DIs, LIs, etc. after the numbers in margins, line
spacing, etc. etc. Don't! It's very buggy.

Best to prepare an settings.alt DFL file and load it when you want to do
these things.


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