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RE: Query concerning Windows ME

		A question: Will XyWrite Ver 4.018 etc.,
		work with Windows ME? Any traps or good
		stuff? --Tom Robertson

Hi, Tom. I don't know and don't intend to find out
first hand but, in case you haven't read the column,
Paul Andrews discussed running dos NotaBene (xyW3
kernel) and Magellan under win2k--same thing as
winME?--in the Seattle Times. The main xyWrite page
at my www site (url in my sig; about half-way down
the page) quotes that section of the column and has
a link to the full win2k review.

Although Andrews's column now runs in the Union
Record strike paper, I don't think you'll be crossing
the picket line; the strikers haven't called for
a boycott of the ST.

Or is XyWrite Ver 4.018 xyWin? I never did master
the v4 release numbering scheme. ... Ciao. 			--a

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