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Re: Query concerning Windows ME

yesss@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> Paul Andrews discussed running dos NotaBene (xyW3
> kernel) and Magellan under win2k--same thing as
> winME?--in the Seattle Times.

Windows 2000 and Windows Me (that's how I most often see it written,
although ME would of course make more sense since it's supposed to
stand for "Millennium  Edition"--but sense never has entered the
realm of software naming, has it?) are two quite different animals, I
believe, although they come from the same tainted stable. I don't
have either and am not speaking from firsthand experience here, but I
think Windows Me is just a slightly tweaked upgrade of Win 98 SE with
essentially the same kernel and a few cosmetic changes. Windows 2000
(available in "Professional" and "Server" versions, among others) on
the other hand is the latest version of Windows NT with a Win-95/98
like interface, (somewhat) more extensive driver support, and a host
of innovations related mainly to networking, power management, and
multi-language handling. It implements DOS very differently from Win
98/Me (emulation vs. graft-on-top), a fact that indeed may be of
concern with regard to running any DOS version of XyWrite under Win
2000 (the keyboard handling *might* be a problem). Eventually, I
intend to install Win 2000 on a laptop of mine and find out. As for
Win Me--and this is pure conjecture, mind you--I don't think there
should be any particular problems in running XyWrite, once you get
past the fact that the default location of the MS-DOS prompt is
buried one level deeper in the menu hierarchy.

Wolfgang Bechstein