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Re: other files (of text) via the listserver

   [ For seasonal holiday reading you might to check the
    archives of the XYwrite for old clues, tips, debates
    and general trivia. The list below are text files,
   not program files.
   The latter, program files, you get via ftp from the
   other FTP address as Sivin has given you.
   The files below are archived mail files that come to you
   as e-mail. See the list server commands below the list
   for some instructions.
   You don't mail to the XY list but to the separate robot
   that handles the list

           or Mjd@xxxxxxxx

      in the message, (subjects are ignored), you
            get xywrite catalog.doc
      for example.
      Wait a few seconds and your mail will have
      the file retrieved.
      The command get etc is put on the first line of the
      message. You may want a second line of 'end'
      if your mailer puts a signature on the message.
   Obviously you are not going to read all the messages in the
   archive but are going to skim the messages
   for such lines as "Subject:" then clip and cut and paste
   relevant details.

>>>> index xywrite
 12182 Dec 10 17:12 catalog.doc
  5336 Jul 2 16:06 db.doc
 10553 Jul 2 16:06 inout.doc
 119641 Jun 8 1995 rh.xxe
  3779 May 24 1995 saveget.lst
 129005 Sep 30 15:03 smart252.scr
  1741 May 24 1995 u.lst
  3539 May 24 1995 xwcomp
 35118 Nov 11 15:00 xxbug.scr
 72684 May 24 1995 xyfunc.xxe
 253090 Jul 31 1994 xywrite.9407
 36758 Aug 25 1994 xywrite.9408
 16555 Sep 30 1994 xywrite.9409
 479759 Oct 31 1994 xywrite.9410
 215656 Nov 30 1994 xywrite.9411
 155091 Dec 30 1994 xywrite.9412
 109298 Jan 31 1995 xywrite.9501
 435173 Feb 28 1995 xywrite.9502
 654839 Mar 31 1995 xywrite.9503
 721776 Apr 30 1995 xywrite.9504
 460731 May 31 1995 xywrite.9505
 602213 Jun 30 18:30 xywrite.9506
 70336 Jul 31 18:57 xywrite.9507
 468651 Aug 31 22:31 xywrite.9508
 326209 Sep 29 12:58 xywrite.9509
 378640 Oct 31 14:57 xywrite.9510
 290485 Nov 30 21:09 xywrite.9511
 64756 Dec 10 23:10 xywrite.9512

**** Help for Mjd@xxxxxxxx:

This is Brent Chapman's "Majordomo" mailing list manager, version 1.92.

In the description below items contained in []'s are optional.
When providing the item, do not include the []'s around it.

It understands the following commands:

  subscribe  [
] Subscribe yourself (or
if specified) to the named . unsubscribe [
] Unsubscribe yourself (or
if specified) from the named . get e.g. get xywrite xywrite.9511 Get a file related to . index e.g. index xywrite Return an index of files you can "get" for . info Retrieve the general introductory information for the named . help Retrieve this message. end Stop processing commands (useful if your mailer adds a signature). Commands should be sent in the body of an email message to "Mjd@xxxxxxxx". [ Not to the ftp site where the "real files, that is binary" are The files above come back, (and overwhelm) your mail box ] Commands in the "Subject:" line NOT processed. If you have any questions or problems, please contact "Mjd-Owner@xxxxxxxx".