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Re: young for life

So would I! Sigh...I remember how much time it took to write it the first
time. I am going to give one last shot at trying to find it (I think it's on
an OLD hard disk that stopped working, so I'm wondering if I can somehow get
the hard disk to work just long enough to get it back off). If I can't, tell
you what: I'll rewrite the damned thing, but I'll just write the basic core
of it. Enough to use it, but missing the bells and whistles. Then I'll ask
other people to help expand it by adding the bells and whistles a little bit
at a time, and everyone can share it. How does that sound? Besides, it
occurs to me that once some of you see how the core part works, you will
instantly say "Oh, hey, I know a heckofalot easier way to do that than the
way you did it!"

One thing that has me a little stumped, that some of you I'm sure could help
me with - this is going to sound really stupid, but I learned to write XPL
in the original Xywrite and stayed with it through version 3. I now have
XY4, and there are changes that I haven't had time to relearn. For example,
my fingers are still programmed to define with F1, release define with F3,
etc. But now that's all different in XY4 (and, to me, very weird). So, to
rewrite the program, I'm really confused about how to do certain things in
XY4, and I'm also worried that if I write it for XY4 that it won't work in
XY3. Would someone(s) be willing to help me via email as I stumble through
the initial stages of this?


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Subject: young for life

> from Morris,
>     I would like to see Young for Life write the XPL program which he
> claims will be very useful.