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Re: Re lost P-L

Robert Holmgren wrote:

> Well, I've been looking at the X since Xy4 was released.

I've been looking at it fairly often too, but somewhat unpredictably -- that is, it
does not always seem to have the direct one-to-one correspondence one might expect,
according to the size of the document or what Xy-modules happen to be loaded at the
time. I've seen both situations where the question arises: "Why am I seeing that X
*now* ?" and "Why am I *not* seeing that X now ?"

Some while ago, either you or Carl posted the optimum OS memory etc. settings for
Xy, under Win and also for OS/2. I dutifully filed these away somewhere, and
haven't seen them since. (My XySearch for these messages was only partly
successful.) I don't think I ever got around to a per item comparison with the
settings I have in effect, but I believe there is a general congruence with what
was recommended, concerning EMS etc. Presumably, you have long had the optimum
settings in effect. Therefore, from what you said in your reply to Paul, I deduce
that -- in many cases -- even if one has these settings, it makes little difference
in the X-factor results.

> It is _not_ the P-L
> indicator ("my P-L in the status line now reads X"), nor does it interfere with
> the P-L indicator. You're using a swap file, that's all.

That's what initially threw me in his question. P-L is pretty near dead center of
the Status Line. The X is near right edge of screen.