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Re: trouble

I am grateful to all respondents to my distress signal. These
internet groups all seem to comprise people who are kind and
generous to strangers. I'm a member of a sailing group and it's
the same with them. Here's my report:

I think I want something beside a pin printer, the whole idea of
which seems to be on the way out. It seems that there are no DOS
enabling ink jet printers in stock in our local tech stores. The
lady at HP mentioned a model 5550 but no one has one. So the
solution seems to be to seek a used one (hopefully refurbished)
for which a DOS driver is available. I'll be happy to hear of a
good source for locating such an animal.

>From beating around in the Inet bushes it seems that there are
more possible drivers available for Xywrite 4 than for my III+,
so I want to find a source to download Xywrite 4. My
technological proficiency is not far above the third grade level,
so if anyone has an idea to share please state it in appropriate
terms for me.