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Re: Lost Expanded Memory

** Reply to message from Paul Breeze  on Thu, 6 Nov
2003 12:39:52 GMT


> The only clue that may point to what is going on is that these
> rogue words all begin with a late letter of the alphabet;
> roughly from S onwards.

Whoa! You're right. I seldom Spell (and when I do, I use PCLEX), so I never
noticed. It's absolutely true: "S" onward. If you compare file sizes 110/141
(US/UK), it makes sense that only the first 110Kb of UK is loading, and if the
speller is alpha organized, that would correspond roughly down to "S". (I've
always wondered why this procedure worked -- e.g. what I wrote to Chris the
other night:

> What's going on here is that XyWrite seems to need to
> reserve a space for DICT.SPL, using the U.S. speller as
> default, and then the user can sneak a different dictionary
> into that space. For reasons unknown to me, this approach
> works even though the U.S. dictionary is only 110K, and the
> German dictionary for example is 381K.)

Anyway, it would indeed appear, as you put it nicely, that "a part of the
dictionary [has] been left hanging over the memory precipice".

Back to the drawing board... The whole thrust of my work (frame MICROSPL) was
to enable on-the-fly dictionary swapping during a single session. The truth
is, that works much more easily with PCLEX dictionaries, and that's one reason
why I use PCLEX. You, perhaps, don't need to swap, so a different approach may
be (obviously is!) needed. How do you have your laptop set up, in terms of the
conditions and variables we've been discussing (XM, etc)? Do you LOAD uk
DICT.SPL in STARTUP.INT, or just go ahead and use it at some later stage? Is
UK DICT.SPL the only one in your Editor dir when you launch Xy?

Robert Holmgren