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Re: XyWr Win

Mike, I see your point. Unfortunately we do not have a way of showing the
column indicator. I checked WORD-WIN and WP-WIN, only to see the same type of
ruler, no column indicator. I wonder if this is a preclusion under Windows? I
will look into this anyway.

We are using the path to Command.com instead of COMSPEC. You can verify this by
setting COMSPEC to an erroneous designation, then go into XyWin and *shell
out*; it works. You will notice however that when you quit Windows that it
cannot find the command processor.

I have posted the file XYWFILE.LST for users to download. This contains all
filenames and descriptions of file in the XyWin program. I will post a message
to ALL a bit later. I will also try to get a listing of XY$ DOS files as well.

Regards, SysOp