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XyWr Win

Sorry about the two messages with only formatting codes in them. I was
stubbornly uploading the wrong thing, wondering how it got garbled. This is
what I ment to say:

1. In msg 9185, which you answered privately, I asked about sizing the ruler in
Xywr Win. I understand from your answer that this can't be done. OK. It
probably isn't even a resonable wish-list item from a programming point of
view. But what about a column indicator in the ruler, as in Xyw4 dos? This
isn't present in any of the views. If it can't just be turned on now, it
should be added. The ruler would be much more help if it had this.

2. An observation was made a while ago by someone on this board that it was a
great improvement when the dos shell and dos functions became supported by
whatever was at %COMSPEC%. I too valued this improvment since I use 4Dos as my
dos shell. Unfortunately, it appears that Xywr Win has gone back to using
Command.com as a hardcoded shell. I hope I'm wrong, but I can't get it to call
4Dos nohow.

3. I don't think any of us out here (or in there) are satisfied with the
install program at present, but a great deal of difficulty could be avoided if
you would just put a "packing list" of the files on the disk in an uncompressed
file. In fact, please post lists for Xywr4 Dos and Win here!