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Re: dict.spl problem

At 19:34 Uhr -0500 10.01.2002, Brucefelk@xxxxxxxx wrote:

>The error message is "customization file requires a label."
>When I look at the file itself there is no text label ";SP;" on the top line,
>at least in text. When I insert it as a new top line in that file, store it,
>and reload it, I still get the same message.

That sounds weird. My immediate question would be: Are youl looking at the
same file?
Could it be that your startup.int file got damaged and is perhaps looking
at the wrong filename?

>I assume my spell file in 4.018 got corrupted somehow; can I find it on line
>to copy?

Since the file format is incredibly simple (just a header and a text string
of words), I really wonder how this can be "corrupted". If it *looks* OK,
it *is* OK. Or not?

-- Rene von Rentzell, Tokyo (rrr @ twics.com)