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dict.spl problem

A virus corrupted my antivirus and I had my operating system (Win 98 SE)
reloaded. After correcting most of the mischief that did, I can't load

The error message is "customization file requires a label."
When I look at the file itself there is no text label ";SP;" on the top line,
at least in text. When I insert it as a new top line in that file, store it,
and reload it, I still get the same message.

If this is of any use, I have the 7 floppies from the upgrade installation of
4.011 seven or eight years ago, and the 4 from upgrading to 4.017 a few years
later (but disk 3 is corrupted).

I assume my spell file in 4.018 got corrupted somehow; can I find it on line
to copy?

I will be grateful for any suggestions.

Bruce Felknor