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from Morris,

       To upgrade anything and letting our imagination run wild there
is no limit when aiming for the stars.

  Classics that is enduring with the ages was written by using quills and
then pens. It was kingly when the typewriter made its appearance. The
computer and wordprocessing software so it seems was the cherry on the top,
but still man is not satisfied as he is forced to seek upgrades to conform
to the latest technological advances in hardware and operating systems. But
in the end what really counts is what is in our mind, those sparks of
attunement and inspiration that should be communicated and preserved no
matter what media is used.

  Yet with all this talk of Unix, Linux, Windows and what else, XyWrite in
its present form is still sheer genius and with its XPL programming language
at our disposal there is no limit to how we can manipulate words, galvanize
our thoughts so expressively that they compose into concise and precise
graphic images - icons of intelligence, nuggets of gold.

  In fine honing our thoughts, the best educative tool is unlearning,
ridding the mind of all the obsolesence imprinted there since infancy. But
to be in close contact with life's wisdom, we must put control back to the
intelligence within us by placing the body into an elimination mode. This
can be referred to as reversing gears and going into retrograde motion. It
is simply achieved by living on liquids mostly water for a period of time so
that our systems can be cleansed of all unwanted substances, toxic and
otherwise that is interfering with the finer functions of the body and mind.
A cleansing that as it requires no special substances, drugs, supplements or
anything else exotic can be defined as doing nothing intelligently. It is
invaluable to give our thinking the desired flamboyance and glistening
clarity. By not hindering the body with stressful loads of food and
substances that taxes and exhausts its energy, at last the mind can now roam
free without shackles of any kind. Elimination can be distracting in the
initial stage as one can be startled, surprised and shocked by all the
unwanted substances excreted through the eliminative apertures of the body.

  To really understand the meaning of elimination and how this can reveal
the systems functioning capabilities, also the meaning of illness and
health, think about morning sickness during a woman's pregnancy. Morning
sickness is instigated by the act of pregnancy so as to discard all
pernicious substances from every cell and organ that is likely to affect the
health of the being to be born. It does so without all external aids and the
worst thing is suppressing it with drugs, vaccines and all other foreign
substances. By suppressing suppuration of any kind serious damage can be
inflicted to vital organs and cause chronic conditions that did not exist