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Re: v3.57.  What's in this version that we should know about?  New features? 
Changes?  Reductions?

Considering that we who are gathered here are all certified XyWrite registrants
-- paying additional fees to be here -- why can't you just post new versions in
the File Section and let us DL them?  That would save us all $10 "handling" 
costs.  Seems to me it would be riskless for you... and a hel*uva lot easier 
for us.  I don't carry my registered disk everywhere I go, and I won't return 
home/have access to it until mid-September, at the earliest.  But even if it 
were in my suitcase, I'd prefer 15 passive minutes DLing it (with immediate 
gratification) to the 15 minutes blown writing a letter, scrubbing up an old 
mailer, and licking those bloody stamps!  Or, pursuant to user-request, post a 
private note with EDITOR nclosed and serial-numbered...