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XY-> ≪If you set up v4 to be a imitation of v3.5 (by dropping 4's DFL file,
 -> keyboard file, etc.), it becomes much more like the "real thing." :) ≫

XY-> Alas, after that's done, Sig/v4 changes to CMline behavior remain. As for
 -> your other remarks--well, some people just ain't got no couth, but
 -> weren't among those who expressed interest in your solutions. ... Ciao.
 ->  --a

Hi Annie,

The only real downer I've had with the CMline in v4 is the
unfortunate page-line "lines" within a file. I've found ways
to change its appearance but not get rid of it.

And you're right about that aspect of people and solution, but
listen. A year or so ago I sent Nathan what I thought to be a
very useful XPL, which I called "multi" (allowing a person to
run the same XPL to any number of files). I don't think he ever
posted it, since he said it wasn't sufficiently documented.
Probably wasn't.

The wild programs don't have any documentation aside from an
inside ref to its own name. Basically, they were quick and
dirty and never reached a polishing stage; for instance, Ctrl-ENTERs
are accepted as searches but not as outcomes (lazy me usually
uses 3 percentage signs or something as a "way symbol" to
change later). ENTERs are used to progress the program (e.g.,
for outside wild: ENTER to conclude the first wild, ENTER to
conclude changing text, and ENTER to conclude the final wild to
conclude the search criteria and begin the replace criteria; at
which point the wild information is automatically repeated and
ENTER after typing the replacement text starts the action).
(ESC aborts on the command line.) The XPL also automatically
goes into expanded mode.

Probably a few other points too. For instance, there's an
undocumented (I think) Xy bug concerning search movement around
a period (or space) plus single character plus period (or
space). Something like that. I don't run into it too often;
when I do, I general say, "Oh yes -- I should make a note."

Used correctly, such XPLs are convenient; used incorrectly,
they can really dynamite a file.

Anyone still interested? :)


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