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Re: Xywwweb

** Reply to note from "Sherry"  Mon, 14 Apr 97 10:18:14 +0000

>  does the web site have all of the xpl programs that are also on the
> ftp site.?

By no means! The CCAT ftp and gopher sites continue to be unique and
useful resources for XyWriters of every denomination. The XyWWWeb site
features Robert's and my POV (and our joint and individual work) on Xy
configuration and user programming. There is some overlap with CCAT, but
either or both sources should be consulted, depending on the need. For
example, users who prefer to negotiate XyWrite via menus will find little
succor at XyWWWeb, but would do well to explore Tim Baehr's Enhanced menu
and dialog system, which is archived at CCAT.

In a word, shop around!

Carl Distefano * * * CLDistefano@xxxxxxxx