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Re: Fwd: VA $

Reply to note from jr_fox@xxxxxxxx Wed, 04 Oct 2000 23:54:01 -

-> I was thinking more in terms of a branching routine: If the
-> Menu happens to be Up, Do "X" (or more likely, get rid of the
-> Menu and DO "X"); if the Menu is not Up, Do "Y."

Hmmm. Well, to do that you'd have to use :

(>)0>;*; If menu is displayed (VA$SM greater than 0)
BC ;*; Blank CMline (to cancel menu); Do "X"
;*; Else Do "Y"

Note that  doesn't test specifically for the top-level menu.
You'd be canceling *any* menu or dialog box that happened to be
displayed before doing "X". Maybe that's good enough for your
purposes, maybe not. (Incidentally, in my tests, func BC cancels
the menu reliably; whereas func XH, alas, does not!)

Under certain narrow conditions you could test for the name of the
last Help frame executed (), knowing that the .MNU frame that
displays the top-level menu is named !N:


BUT: you'd have to be sure that no other Help frame had been
executed after the menu bar was invoked -- a very dicey proposition.

All in all, not a very satisfactory state of affairs. Still, I hope
this gives you enough to work around your particular problem.

Carl Distefano