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Re: Fwd: VA $

Carl Distefano wrote:

> -> Is there a VA $ for the state of whether the sliding menu bar
> -> (File Edit View etc.) is up on the CM or not, in Xy4DOS ?
> I don't know of any VA tailored to that particular menu. VAriable
> $SM reports generally whether a menu (any menu) is displayed (1=yes;
> 0=no). Rather than test for that value, however, you can simply
> issue func XH to remove any displayed menu, if that's what you want
> to do. If you want to *display* that menu, issue func H@, after
> confirming that the appropriate .MNU file is loaded:
> =="(none)">;*;
> >JM 2.GetPathQ2 +"\XY4.MNU">;*;
> BX exist Q2 >;*;
> BX load Q2 BX waitQ2 ;*;
> @H ;*;
> GetPath is a Jumbo U2 routine.

Thanks for the info. I was thinking more in terms of a branching
routine: If the Menu happens to be Up, Do "X" (or more likely, get rid
of the Menu and DO "X"); if the Menu is not Up, Do "Y."