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Re: printing & pasting weirdies

Ted Stannard:

>1. On both printers a straight PRINT command will do the first
>page fine, then switch the letters on all subsequent pages to a
>deep gray screen that is hard to read and excruciatingly slow to
>print, of course.

Is the screen background any color other than white? If so, you may have
to start your file with ≪BG255,255,255≫ [background full blast of all
three colors, i.e. white].

>XYWrite gags and goes catatonic if I cut & paste anything larger than five
>lines -- about 50 words. It freezes the whole system. . . .

XyWin's inability to copy 'n' paste more than this amount is notorious, but
for me it never causes a freeze. I've no idea what the problem might be.
Hmm, are you using the latest (and no doubt last) version of XyWin, 4.12?
Peter Evans