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Re: Legal pleading paper, etc.

Reply to note from John Cumming  Fri, 21
Jan 2000 13:12:47 -0800

-> In California's trial courts, we are required to print motions,
-> etc. on "pleading" paper with a column of numbers double-spaced
-> on the left, two solid vertical lines running from the top to
-> the bottom of the page just to the right of the column of
-> numbers (constituting the left margin for the text) and then a
-> single vertical line running from top to bottom on the right
-> side of the page (the right margin). ... has anyone developed
-> a macro or program to insert this graphic (I assume it would be
-> a frame or border of some sort) automatically on each page.

Though I'm a NY lawyer, I've had cases in California and I'm
familiar with that pleading format. As far as I know, a Xy-solution
hasn't been done. It seems to me that just inserting a graphic that
includes both margins and line numbers would be self-defeating.
Hasn't the pain always been getting the lines of text to match up
with the pre-printed line numbers? Using the computer to produce
the numbers graphically instead of having a print shop do it won't

A more practical solution, it seems to me, would be to print on
ruled paper without line numbers and insert the numbers with an
embedded line numbering (LN) command. That would solve the problem
of alignment. It might mean that the numbers print in black while
the margin lines are blue or red -- but I doubt that's a problem
under the court rules. Is it?

Carl Distefano