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Re: Re Trouble

Robert Holmgren wrote:

> Apropos of nothing, I had an LJ repaired recently at a big
> Manhattan HP service center, and the technician said that, in his opinion, the
> HP II (!) was the last really good laser printer, inside *and* out

That's because it was primarily metal rather than flimsy plastic (and, therefore,
rugged and quite heavy), and built like a tank. I had one for close to 15 years,
the last few years of that in storage, and finally got rid of it earlier this
year. The LJ-4 is a better printer overall, but not better built or more
reliable. (Envelopes and label sheets were better on the LJ-II.) After the 4
series, the lightweight plastic *really* took over, and we were well into the era
of flimsy, disposable printers.

> (I had all
> sorts of paper feed troubles with my old LJ II, plus the rubber pinch rollers
> got dry and dessicated quickly -- something to check in a sale item.

Yes, that's a known weakness -- and not just for the LJ-II.

> But hey, you got 4
> pages/minute -- or maybe a hair less in the real world, like 2ppm... And so
> what if it kept running out of memory...)

It was  S  L O  O  O  W  . . . and noisy, and used more electricity. The 4
is tremendously faster, relatively quiet, and seems to hibernate after about 5
minutes of inactivity. (I have wondered about the latter day models, in those
regards.) Max. mem. on the II was 4.5 meg. If you had that much, the memory
situation was serviceable, at least for me.