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Re Trouble

Robert wrote:
≪The HP LJ 1000 is an up-to-date, dirt cheap, 600x600 DPI optical
printer that has a software driver which supports PCL 5e "in a Windows
shell" (quote the manual). ≫

Aha! Thanks for confirming my suspicions that the "experts" were off when
they said USB-only printers were all Winprinters (GDI-dependents).

On the other hand, can you really map LPT to USB if you DON'T have a
network set up? A couple of people tried a while back, IIRC, and got
nowhere. Even if you are on a network (as you would be, technically, if
you have broadband Internet access), can you so map if both ports are on
the same workstation?

Yes, yard/garage sales are great, and we even got a workable Compaq at
what a friend calls "the curb exchange": somebody tossed it after he
tried to delete files to make room on the hard drive and scrambled
Windows. Not too badly that I couldn't boot, and I was able to get the ID
out of the Registry and reinstall Windows (98a) from the Cab files,
copied to a Zip drive. Not to mention that much less polysyllabic bad
stuff (lead, cadmium, gallium arsenide,...) going into the landfill.