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Re: New copy and paste functions

If you're not doing anything , could you give us the dates, or some other info, that would indicate whether we have the latest and greatest versions. In the case of AutoItX.dll vs. AutoItX3.dll the name tells the story, but for the other 3, I'm paranoiacally worried, even thought clipw seems to work.
In sum, you have to replace _four_ things in the original version:

1) AutoItX.dll with AutoItX3.dll (in the ZIP)
2) CLIP.VBS with new (in ZIP) CLIP.VBS
3) The old frame {{5ClipW*}} in U2 with frame {{5ClipW*}} in ZIP's
\XY4\CLIPWXY4.FRM (then LOADHELP the altered U2!)
4) The old frame {Clip,ClipO,ClipW*,ClipW,ClipWA,ClipWB,ClipWC,ClipWP,ClipWR}
in INF with new "instructions" frame in ZIP's \XY4\CLIPWXY4.HLP (you don't
actually require this to get CLIP to work, but OTOH it tells you _how_ to get
it to work, so...)

Harry Binswanger