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Orbis for XyWIN

More than a week ago there was a brief discussion on in the Word Processor
section of the IBMAPP forum on compuserve about full text retrieval programs. I
had mentioned the great respect I had for the performance of ORBIS within
Notabene. The day before yesterday, Jeff Ramsay, the Xywrite Product Manager at
TTG responded there that TTG had resolved the internal debate over whether
1) to make a windows version of the limited feature addition of ORBIS currently
available for XY4(dos) -- soon --; or 2) to port the full-featured notabene
version of Orbis over to xywin -- later.

They have decided on option 2. He did not give an estimate on how long it would

Just thought I'd pass this on. FWIW, if the xyversion is very limited, I think
its a good decision. ORBIS for NB is a GREAT program, one that can be used for
enormous numbers of searching, editing, combining, etc. tasks.

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