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Re: KMD vs. Cmd Command Processor (inside XP)

--- Harry Binswanger  wrote:

> >c:\windows\explorer.exe /e /root,
> >
> >I think the /root. makes it open up in the root
> directory. I think the
> >final comma is necessary.
> In the first sentence of the last paragraph above, I
> should have typed a
> comma not a period after "/root".

Thanks, Harry. I have Explorer on the desktop now,
and it works, but that syntax yields some kind of
Invalid Path error. Not that important, as it's easy
enough to backtrack to the root.

The Software Installer thing looks like a waste of
time, so far -- at least as far as installing app.s

Paul mentioned the Windows key, as another route to
Explorer. Maybe I need a magnifier, but I haven't
spotted that key on the T-43.