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Re: Strange files...

** Reply to message from "Paul Ambos"  on Tue, 10 Jan 2006
10:21:13 -0500

I agree: some TMP files are auto-deleted by XyWrite, others are not. But the
exact protocol isn't really important. The salient point is, that *if* they
survive the orderly closure (or the crash) of a XyWrite or NB session, they
serve no further purpose, and therefore may be deleted when you launch Xy|NB
the next time around, i.e. before additional TMP overflow files are created by
the new session (lest they be swept into the global net of DEL *.TMP). I can't
think of *any* case in which they have been useful in the aftermath of QUITting
or crashing -- and users certainly don't want to interfere with them while
XyWrite is running.

Robert Holmgren