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Re: Can I install Xywrite

Using a floppy to transfer the XY directory from my Windows 3.1 machine is
how I "installed" XyWrite 3+ onto my NT 4.0 desktop and, more recently,
onto my Win2K laptop. I haven't noticed any problems to date. But of course
this is the DOS version of XyWrite.

Alison Tartt

P.S. Since I'm neurologically programmed to use XyWrite commands with
Northgate's keyboard layout (function keys at the left side instead of
along the top), I plug in my OmniKey when working in XyWrite on these newer
machines. The time saved is well worth the Rube Goldberg configuration.

At 02:03 PM 12/22/01 -0600, Richard Giering wrote:
>Hi Again:
> Back in my Win95 days, I did just that! I copied XYWrite (I suspect -
>but don';t remember - that it was XYDOS) the XY directory to a pair of
>floppies and carried them everywhere. Used them in various places,
>inculding PCs at airline clubs (e.g. American and Delta). Never had any
>Dick Giering
>"Yo Intl. YK" wrote:
>> At 11:18 Uhr -0600 21.12.2001, Richard Giering wrote:
>> >Hi:
>> > I also have been running XYWIN under both win95 and win98 without any
>> >problems. Instead of "installing", I just copied the directory/folder
>> >completely from one OS to the Other, then created a shortcut Icon onto
>> >the desktop for the EXE. Works fine.
>> Can it really be that easy? The reason I never tried that is that I thought
>> every Windows program needs some kind of entry in the registry. So, that is
>> not true?
>> That would be wonderful. I that case, I could burn XYWin on a CD and have
>> it ready for use whereever I go?
>> -- Rene von Rentzell, Tokyo (rrr @ twics.com)