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RE: La Machine Est Morte, Vive La Machine!

Yes, I still have the Mac, but running a virtual machine on it for Xy proved just a tad annoying, so after 2 years doing that, I return to the fold. I still use the Mac for some tasks, mainly involving music composition. I have a nice KVM switch set up that, at the touch of a button, makes my mouse, kbd, and center monitor be taken over by the Mac. In fact, I’m going to be doing some music work today on the Mac—either using GarageBand or LogicPro.


Gee, re dual boot, I see the two choices every time I boot from shut down (maybe even on restart, I forget), and all I have to do is hit Enter or wait 30secs. There doesn’t seem to be anything there that could go wrong . . . go wrong . . . go wrong . . .


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I guess I'm very non-current on this, but I thought you had become a Mac convert, Harry ?  An experiment that did not pan out, so you have rejoined the Windows fold ?


Besides the native partitioning tools, it sounds like you are also using the Win loader to mediate your boot-up choices.  Although I've been using it less and less in recent years, I may be unable to avoid having dual-boot (with eCS being the alternate boot option), on at least one machine.  And Win 7 plays FAR LESS WELL with alternate OSes than previous versions of Win.  Finding a reliable and robust boot mediator has also been a problem.  The Win Boot Loader seems to go bad on me after some point, leaving just one of the choices bootable.  The affected partition and its contents are still there, just inert and unusable.  This has now happened on two machines of mine.  In one case it was Windows that did the vanishing act, in the other eCS.  The Air-Boot presently used by eCS is fragile and unreliable.  I've been warned off of Acronis OS Selector -- by Kari, I think.  What else is there that could fit the bill ?  Or will this just continue to be rolling the dice with hand grenades, thanks to Win 7 ?





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3. I didn't do anything special to make the partitions, so I guess
I'm using the Windows way of doing that, and I have no issues at
all with it. But maybe that's because I don't know of anything
better. Well, there's one really minor annoyance: in the white on
black screen that appears on bootup, both OS's have exactly the
same name; only the position on the list differentiates 32bit Win7
from 64bit Win7 on that screen.