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Re: [264]Quotes[265] in Spell Checker

** Reply to note from "Thomas J. Hawley"  Sun, 6 Apr 97 21:42:55 +0000

> .... But if I run a batch spell check on the disk file, the
> following is written to the exception file:
> test*
> *
> where * is an ASCII 254 character, a small black "square bullet".
> The consequence is that every word ending with a close quote shows up in
> the exception file, even though it's not misspelled.

I run into this problem all the time, as all my spell checking is in batch
mode. It's a bug, whether in EDITOR.EXE or the spell checker I don't know. The
Ascii-254 in the first byte of [265] is interpreted as the last letter of the
preceding word, whereas the 254 in [264] appears to be interpreted as a word
by itself.

One workaround would be to change all symmetrical quotes to typewriter quotes,
spell-check, then change them back. This can be done easily with a routine
like QUOTES in SmartSet. Another possibility is to have a macro that deletes
all lines in SPELL.TMP that contain 254 (bearing in mind that what you're
seeing on screen is a 3-byte representation of Ascii-254, consisting of

Personally, I don't bother, on the theory that one has to choose one's
battles. I just ignore the errant words and move on.

Carl Distefano  * * *