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[264]Quotes[265] in Spell Checker

Here's a problem in XY4.017 DOS:

Having advanced to a new level of typographical awareness, I'm now setting
open and close quotes instead of using the old typewriter double-quote (the
"inch mark"). Left quote is [264], right quote is [265], entered with

A file consisting of:


prints OK, and the interactive spell checker reports 1 word, 0 errors. So
far so good. But if I run a batch spell check on the disk file, the
following is written to the exception file:


where * is an ASCII 254 character, a small black "square bullet".

The consequence is that every word ending with a close quote shows up in
the exception file, even though it's not misspelled.

I also notice that another DOS program (CompareRite, which compares two
files and produces a "redlined" version showing the changes) has problems
with the [265], although not the [264].

Has anyone got an explanation, and even better a solution for, this minor
annoyance? Many thanks.