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Re: hardcode.pgm anomaly--third try

flash wrote:
However, the same program in xy4 is generating the following error messages. 1st: "SX command requires a number ≪VA ao≫", followed by "suspending Xywrite--save files to autosave.tmp files ? (y/n)". Either y or n returns a final error message: "cannot run command".

≪VA AO (upper or lower case) returns Autosave time values in Xy3.
Replaced by VA AOT in Xy4. (VA AOP returns the Autosave Path in
I have not defined any autosave path in settings.dfl (xy4); is the cause of the 2d error? I'm not sure how to interpret, or what to do about, the SX command error.
Well, I use it fairly frequently with Xy4 and have not had
problems. Of course, as I pointed out, I don't use the marker
version, which is where the VAAO occurs. Try changing that piece
of code to
And yes, the lack of an autosave path in settings.dfl is almost certainly causing the 2d error. Define one. The original default was, IIRC, Pictures or Sample. I have a specially created subdirectory of editor.exe's directory called autosave.
Patricia M. Godfrey