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Re: Query about font size in emails

Reply to note from Paul Breeze  Mon, 25
Aug 2014 13:56:52 +0100


> He was not aware of the existence of plain text and had assumed
> that emails were designed to be in html

Never thought I'd hear myself saying this, but the expedient thing
might be for you to switch to html mail just for him. It depends on
how readily your mail client allows this. At work I use Outlook, and
one of the convenient things about it is that with one click I can
switch from my plain-text default to html or rtf, for things like
inserting tables from a Word doc or inline photos. On the other
hand, maybe there's a newly-available solution at his end: a quick
Google search indicates that Hotmail has been absorbed into MS
Outlook.com (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/hotmail/home).

Carl Distefano