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Re: Query about font size in emails

Carl, I think he uses the hotmail client web interface but I'm not
certain. As I noted to Flash, he claims I am the only correspondent
with whom he has this problem so I have to try and persuade him that it
is his problem not mine.  If I switch to html, as I have done for this
email, it is fine his end. However I prefer plain text. It is quite
possible that all his other correspondents use html rather than plain
text. He was not aware of the existence of plain text and had assumed
that emails were designed to be in html so I suspect that it common
today. I will see if he can try and change the display characteristics
of the hotmail client.


On 24/08/2014 19:31, Carl Distefano wrote:
Paul, I'd ask your correspondent if he can adjust the display settings of his Hotmail client. If it's a web interface he may not able to change the point size of incoming text messages per se, but he should still be able to use his browser controls to enlarge the text.