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Re: Laptop keyboards

"Strange keyboard handlers" is putting it mildly. Does anyone recall, and
have a copy of (if it still works) a little freeware utility that would
read the scan code of any key one pressed? I had a copy once, but it
seems to have gone glimmering into the Ewigkeit. My second-hand laptop
has an Fn key that invokes the number pad, which overlies the rightmost
keys of the normal keyboard. The result is that I cannot access the
number pad plus key within XyWrite, and one of the things I love about Xy
is the ability to total a column of figures using that function. Or
should I try assigning that function to another key combo?
	Any ailurophiles on this list will enjoy the following: a friend of mine
with a laptop got a new kitten, who proceeded to stroll across the
keyboard as he was working, hit whatever combination of keys on that
model controlled the number pad--and my friend found himself typing
"inkling" and getting "5n235ng." Of course he couldn't find the docs for
his laptop that said what key combo invoked the number pad, so he had to
reboot to get back to the normal keyboard.