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Re: CPM>DOS? (Wordstar>XYWrite?)

I have a machine with both a 5.5 and a 3.25 drives (although nore at my
present location. Come spring, I could try to copy the 5.5's if you
want. Lets go offline if you're interested.
Dick Giering

"R. E. Stannard Jr." wrote:
> Need some advice aimed at the semicyberliterate:
> My late father left his memoirs on 5.5-inch floppies written in wordstar
> on KYPRO II in the days of CPM.
> I work in XYWin on a Win98 desktop or on a Win95 Canon Notejet
> laptop/printer.
> Having those old disks converted is likly costly at best.
> I have a chance to buy for next to nothing an old Kaypro II and a
> companion Kaypro 10 and gobs of software and manuals. Both machines boot,
> the seller tells me. I would be buying ONLY for this purpose. And a minor
> fringe benefit of being able to read some of my own leftover disks done on
> a Kaypro II back in the mid-80s.
> 1. Can an old Kaypro drive a modem, and what would be my cheapest route to
> getting an appropriate one. Speed isn't necessary.
> 2. Would sending by modem from a Kaypro (CPM) system to my desktop or
> laptop accomplish the conversion?
> 3. Would an early version of Laplink which I still have somewhere do the
> same thing, or does that have to be between matched operating systems?
> 4. Or is there some other route that would be simpler and/or cheaper.
> Any help welcome. Assume you are addressing someone that needs step by
> step guidance. If I'm going to go this route, I'll probably have to act in
> the next couple of days.
>              Tnx.  Ted Stannard
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