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Re: CPM>DOS? (Wordstar>XYWrite?)

My guess is that laplink would not work ... it's a DOS-based program.

I don't see how a modem would help either. You'd need two phone lines
and a CPM communications program in order to send data from the Kaypro
to your windows machine.

Have you considered searching for a utility program that could read
CPM disks under MS DOS? If you can locate a machine with a 5.25 inch
disk drive you could then transfer the files from CPM diskettes to DOS
diskettes. My agency keeps a couple of old machines around to read
old 5.25 floppies.

For a real hi-tech solution, you could print out the memoirs from the
CPM computer and then scan them and use character recognition

Good luck!

Steve Crutchfield

≪< "R. E. Stannard Jr."  1/10 3:23a ≫>
Need some advice aimed at the semicyberliterate:
My late father left his memoirs on 5.5-inch floppies written in
on KYPRO II in the days of CPM.
I work in XYWin on a Win98 desktop or on a Win95 Canon Notejet
Having those old disks converted is likly costly at best.
I have a chance to buy for next to nothing an old Kaypro II and a
companion Kaypro 10 and gobs of software and manuals. Both machines
the seller tells me. I would be buying ONLY for this purpose. And a
fringe benefit of being able to read some of my own leftover disks
done on
a Kaypro II back in the mid-80s.


1. Can an old Kaypro drive a modem, and what would be my cheapest
route to
getting an appropriate one. Speed isn't necessary.
2. Would sending by modem from a Kaypro (CPM) system to my desktop or
laptop accomplish the conversion?
3. Would an early version of Laplink which I still have somewhere do
same thing, or does that have to be between matched operating systems?
4. Or is there some other route that would be simpler and/or cheaper.

Any help welcome. Assume you are addressing someone that needs step by
step guidance. If I'm going to go this route, I'll probably have to
act in
the next couple of days.
             Tnx.  Ted Stannard

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Femmy T. Stannard em: femmystannard@xxxxxxxx
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