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OK. DOS 3.3, XyWrite 3.54, Ethernet network (using Decnet and PCSA), no TSR's
save the network stuff; I've experimented with QEMM 5.11 and Windows 3.0
Himem.sys with the same results. Others are using just 640k dos machines and
having trouble. Startup has the usual network stuff in it (I know that's not
very detailed, but right now that's the best I can do). Actually, I suspect
this all has something to do with some corruption of my own configuration,
since no one else with a similar setup is having the same problem. Even if it's just me this time,
it still doesn't explain why it happens to non-net PCs. In my case, with a 386dx and 4mb RAM, could
it have something to do with how we're handling that extra memory. 'preciate the help.