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Re: Using XyWrite with XP OS Was: Re: Xywrite history

Robert V. Schmidt wrote:
But under Win 98, the fonts look okay in either mode. So again, the
question is what's different about Windows XP.
Under Win 98 on the SAME laptop? Or on a different laptop? Because if it's a different laptop, you have two different engines: the hardware one (the fonts hardwired into the display) and the software one (Win XP). The only way to confirm which is causing the problem, AFAIK, is to run win 98 and XP on the exact same model PC. And that often cannot be done, because the latest models may not have drivers for 98. Or you could try loading XP on the older machine (not a trivial task) and compare the results.
By the way, a word of warning: always keep the pieces of paper that come
with a computer. It's taking me twice as long as it should to reinstall
on a machine at the office, because docs have disappeared and I have to
do major detective work to find out which of the dozen or so sets of
drivers on the CD is the appropriate one for this system.

Patricia M. Godfrey