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Re: Using XyWrite with XP OS Was: Re: Xywrite history

>> However, there are problems in using it on my laptop, as I described in
my prior note <<

I didn't realize laptops map the keyboard differently from desktops.

I use my laptop as a second computer for trips and such.  I was thinking of
using it as my primary machine--with a docking station, perhaps.  But if it
can't handle XyWrite while a desktop can, I can upgrade to a fast new
desktop with Windows XP and use XyWrite there.

>> Question: when XyWrite appears on the screen, is it in DOS mode or is it

in a Windows window?  Try changing it to the other mode [use 
] and see what happens. <<

I tried it both ways.  Yes, the fonts are only a problem in the
DOS/full-screen mode.  They look okay in a Windows window.

But under Win 98, the fonts look okay in either mode.  So again, the
question is what's different about Windows XP.

Rob Schmidt