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Re: Landscape printing; keyboard assigment

Sorry. Here's the picture: paper is standard letter (8.5 X 11) in
landscape mode. No left or right margins, all being set by the OF
command. Ideally, OF.5in,6in should give two pages on a single sheet, the
even page on the left side, from .5in to 5in, the odd pages on the right,
from 6in to 10.5in; that is, the printable area is 4.5 inches wide, with
1 full inch between (.5 inch to either side of the center fold) and .5
inch left and right. No gutters as such specified, no columns. IP mostly
.25in,0, but set in a SS command, so that I can do hanging indents with
another SS/US.
	Your question about $NA was something I hadn't thought of, and when I
opened the printer driver (POST47, being the most advanced XyDOS PS one I
had, since this is for printing to a file, for later conversion to PDF) I
found it set thus:
(The way it actually works out, however, the left margin is .125 inch
farther LEFT than it's set to--nominal 1 inch comes out at .875 in from
the left edge of the paper--while the right margin is indeed .33 inch
farther left than set.) Now I'm wondering, if I reset that to 0 for all,
would that work? It isn't as if I'm actually printing to a real piece of
hardware, though I do have access to an HP LJ 5000N, on which I can print
the resultant files to test them. Another possibility would be editing
the resulting PS file (which is, after all, plain text), except that I
cannot find out where margins are set in PostScript (I have the 2 Adobe
books, but they rival the USPS regs for impenetrability).
	About the keyboard, Wow! The manual always said you had to enter the R
numbers, so I never even thought to try direct entry from CTRL-ALt and
the keypad. This is particularly needed on my laptop, where I don't
really have a keypad, but once I create the kbd file on the desktop, I
can copy it to the laptop. Now if I can just remember my assignment
scheme. Thanks.