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Re: Landscape printing

** Reply to message from Patricia M Godfrey  on Mon, 28 Oct
2002 10:49:11 -0500

> No, I meant OF.5in,6.5in, so that the even pages print on the left edge
> of the landscape side of the paper (from position .5 in to position 4.5
> in) and the odd pages print on the right edge (from 6.5 to 10.5), thus
> getting the effect ..........

I'm not following you. "No" to *what*? Could you state what actual measured
on-paper margins you finally want, odd and even? Would you also give the
current values (at the time of printing), either stated in the document or (if
unstated) prevailing in the system, for LM RM OF PW $NA and IP? If it's
columnar material you're printing, I also want GU. (Get them with VA/NV OF,
etc.) Also the printer model, and state whether using Windows printer services
or which DOS PRN file. (It's important to have the printer model; you can
sometimes send commands to the printer in its own language to correct little

Robert Holmgren