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Re: Landscape printing misalignment

** Reply to message from Patricia M Godfrey  on Wed, 30 Oct
2002 15:14:40 -0500


Could you send me a couple of dummy pages from your document, including ALL
top-of-page formatting? It would be a great help if you would try to state
explicitly in that formatting any values that you're just picking up from your
defaults, e.g. if RM and LM are 0 systemwide, then state . In my
experiments -- printing two logical pages on one physical page, and using what
I take to be your margins and gutter (.5 inch left and right, 1 inch gutter
center) -- I am able to adjust everything to within the tiniest tolerance (I
would call it perfect). There's no sense launching into a discussion until I
see how you're trying to go about this... I don't even know whether you're
SNaking the text, or what.

More anon --

Robert Holmgren